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You study you backside off to get qualified, and begin job hunting. You battle through a few weeks, and through interview after interview. Yet people always want people with one year’s experience or two years, you crave just a single opportunity into the industry when suddenly its granted!

You skim through the contract and the Intellectual Property clause not even thinking about it! Ofcourse they own your ideas, duh! At the time, it does not matter, but as you gain more experience you want to share what you’ve learnt and discovered! Then, after posting some form of code or other on the net your manger comes calls you one side.

I have learnt the hard way! How can it be that posting some form of code on the net infringes on company policy? I’m not going against them, I’m not trying to stab the people that gave me a chance in the back but hell, it should feels like they stabbing me in the back. By not allowing me to do something like this, they are preventing me from getting any exposure in the ‘outside world’. Why do so many companies still infringe on our rights as developers so that we may help eachother?????????/!!!!!!!!!!

Thus, I now need to publish under a false name?! How stupid is that since I still don’t get any exposure? At least I can post what I discover and learn in the event of me being able to help someone else!

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