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Customer Relationship Management is a unique process that helps firms and organizations understand their customers’ needs and desires better, respond to their inquiries and find solutions to their problems and manage relationships with them. The discipline is commonly known by its acronym CRM. The overall process of business process management and customer relationship management becomes possible due to innovative and helpful CRM tools.

CRM tools represent powerful features, techniques and methods which help companies reach their marketing goals, boost sales, provide professional and complete customer support, grow network, and manage leads, prospects, opportunities, knowledge and cases.

With the help of various tools and techniques customer data is collected and stored into a unified database. This information is later used to understand customers’ needs, analyze their buying habits and behaviors, track and forecast their steps, solve problems if there is any need. Industry experts mention such market vendors as Bpm’online, Infusionsoft and salesNow. Let’s understand what are the main features and tools they offer and how they differ from each other.


Bpm’online is always mentioned as the top one and it is acknowledged not only by experts but also by devoted users. This system is well known for the amazing opportunities it provides to its clients to leverage marketing, service and sales, optimize as well as manage company’s workflow.  The key features and tools include a complete view of the customer, marketing automation, case and contact management, knowledge and base management, marketing campaign and event organizer, sales automation, dashboards, catalogues and sales funnels. Check out the website for more information.


This solution is definitely one of those powerful systems users love and value. This CRM system is applicable to almost any industry and is well-known for its security, easy-to-use interface and affordability. Like Bpm’online, it also offers many unique tools to organize your data and manage business processes. They are as follows: contact segmentation and management, unified database, marketing and sales automation, integration, analytics, forecasting and so on.


SalesNow is another cloud-based CRM solution widely used by firms and organizations worldwide to boost sales and leverage marketing. It offers such useful and amazing CRM tools as sales cycle manager, contact and lead management, tracking, analysis, forecasting and sales reporting. With SalesNOW it is possible to take notes, log calls, as well as have 24/7 access to the history and the database, forecast and track sales and much more. Another powerful tool it offers is a mobile CRM, which enables you with an access to every feature of the solution.

Always remember that the way to success lies on business process management and if it is done professionally and in time, the bright future of your business is guaranteed. Don’t hesitate to learn more, discover and compare, as this industry offers more than you may think. This unique article will be very helpful if you have decided to deploy a CRM system and enjoy the power of its helpful tools and exclusive opportunities.


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