Most Essential Marketing Automation Features Your Software Should Possess

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Marketing automation refers to a software platform which is designed to help you automate your sales and marketing channels in order to close better deals, generate new leads, and achieve your overall business objectives in an effective way. With the help of this software, your sales teams and marketing teams can work as a whole to optimize and automate leads.

However, not many companies are using the full potential of marketing automation potentials and it is usually because they are overwhelmed with the vastness of tools available within the software which they are not sure how to use. That is why we have created an insightful guide to help you get the best of your software system, and if you want to find out some additional details, you can do that here.

Better lead scoring

The primary goal of marketing automation for you should be to determine who your most valuable prospects are and that is what lead scoring is used for. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put some thought into which behaviors make a lead a good prospect, but after you’ve taken care of that, you can use lead scoring to create a list to differentiate hot leads from the cold ones and to trigger alerts to the sales team.

Email marketing

There are many email marketing software systems which can send emails in bulk, but with marketing automation system you will be able to send messages to targeted audiences, with relevant content and in a timely manner.

First of all, you should focus on the content you are creating for your company’s website. Afterwards, you can identify which audience would be most interested for that content and send them personalized messages based on that accordingly.

Instead of sending the content to your entire contact list, try to figure out which audiences would appreciate which segments of that content, in order to decrease the number of spam complaints and improve customer satisfaction.


Although these software systems already offer amazing powerful features and can provide insightful data, integrating your system with your customer relationship management software (CRM) and with your website as well will give you the best possible results.

The benefits of such an integration are that it will allow you to track behaviors in an easy way and to find out which of your marketing efforts have the most success in the long run. Moreover, it will also enable you to generate ROI reports.


Lead profiling

Your website serves as a tool which generates leads and captures any lead related information. However, marketing automation enables you to take these actions to a whole new level by profiling leads progressively.

This way, you will be able to find out new and detailed information about your leads whenever they fill out a form from your website. By acquiring data this way, you will have a possibility to score your already existing leads and to make better targeted email campaigns.

Lead nurturing

This is said to be the most rewarding feature of marketing automation software. You will inevitably have to put some time and effort into designing automated campaigns to move your leads from one stage to the next, which can be a time consuming task as you need to dedicate your time to creating content and researching your audience and the ways they interact with your website.

However, once you take care of that, you can get numerous new opportunities from your site and nurture your leads until they turn into loyal customers.

Visitor tracking

If you want to see who are the people visiting your website, how much time they usually spend on which page, and what content is the most appealing for them, this software can help you do that, as one of its capabilities is tracking prospect and visitor activities.

Landing pages and forms

This is an important aspect when it comes to generating your leads. This software enables you to create customized landing pages and forms that will match your brand, without having to possess any knowledge in HTML. Moreover, you can set your forms to automatically trigger increases in scores and notifications.

Closed loop reporting

The closed loop reporting feature can help you calculate costs of individual campaigns anytime and sync your opportunity data between your marketing automation system and your CRM. Ultimately, you can calculate your ROI. All of this will allow you to prioritize your leads and make better moves.

In conclusion, by implementing this software platform, your marketing department will be able to manage all of the campaigns in a simple and efficient way. You will have a better insight into how your prospects interact with you and you will have all the necessary tools to turn them into customers.

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