How to Let Your Short-term Rental Business Marketing Click Into Place

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Short-term Rental Business

Let us face it, the reality is that the majority of short-term rental businesses simply cannot afford to appoint a full-time marketing guru. Though, failure to market your listings is something that a short-term rental business can ill afford.

Fortunately there is a cost-effective answer – invest in automation. With the help of these three top tricks, marketing your short-term rentals is as easy as a click of a button (literally and figuratively).

Pricing Optimization Software

Pricing Optimization Software

In order to help guests find the perfect listing that will cater to all their special requirements, Airbnb makes use of a search-ranking algorithm. Now the good news is that hosts can in fact do certain things that will move their listings to the top of the Airbnb search results.

One such thing is to update your pricing on a regular basis. Deciding on a pricing strategy might be a challenging task, but luckily with the help of pricing optimization software it is oh-so easy to change the price of your listing regularly.

In addition to boosting your ranking, pricing optimization software will also make sure that you stay competitive as it helps you to set the right price for your vacation rental. So, be sure to research your competition so that you can offer a price that is slightly better.

Your property is not the only thing that needs to shine. You as host must also be on top of your game! Hosts many times forget that their interactions with guests can also help to market the property. For example, if you are slow to reply to a guest inquiry, the potential guest could easily draw the conclusion that your vacation rental property is just not a priority to you and thus you would not be able to offer the first-class experience that they are searching for.

And it is not only guests who care about quick replies… If you fail to reply swiftly to a guest inquiry, your Airbnb listing could possibly get penalized as just like with pricing, replying quickly helps you to be on top of the Airbnb search ranking.

That is why it is so important to invest in vacation rental software. With the help of vacation rental software, you can reply to guests instantly. In addition, you can also use the software to create preliminary messages in which you can share information such as the rules of your property, directions to get to your place, passwords and checkout arrangements.

When this useful feature is used correctly, it can show to your guests that you do not just want to ask them for something as the right reminder sent automatically at the right time can convey that their satisfaction is a priority to you adding more value to the overall guest experience.

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a very cost-effective tool to market your short-term rental business. The only drawback is that the key to marketing your several Airbnb accounts or listings via the different social media platforms is that you must do it on a habitual basis. Needless to say, this can be a rather time-consuming activity.

However, with the help of automation tools you no longer have to slave away hours in front of your computer screen scurrying around to upload your posts to the different platforms. Tools such as Hootsuite allow you to schedule when the content that markets your Airbnb listing or even your local neighborhood should be posted online. Thus, with the click of a button you can arrange that your social media posts appear on set dates in the future.

Another great idea is to follow industry leaders in the tourism field such as a popular travel blogger. It might just be that they like your latest tweet and decide to share it with their millions of followers. It is for sure one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your listings. Hashtag success!

Today most people turn to the Internet to find a service or product. So, to ensure that the marketing efforts of your short-term rental business are indeed successful it is vital that you keep the search engines happy and invest in these smart software solutions.

Vacation rental software helps to be on top of Airbnb search ranking with the automated reviews and calendar updates – the first paragraph under price optimization software actually speaks about that, so that’s a bit confusing.

Price software is all about setting the right price for your vacation rental and vacation rental software can help to automate calendars, reviews, etc

Both software in fact influence Airbnb ranking, but maybe it’s better to explain in pricing paragraph how exactly pricing software helps ranking increasing.

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