Top 8 Features Every Business Process Management Software Should Have

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If you are reading this, then you are certainly fully aware of the significance of business process management software and the positive impact it can have on your business. What you probably need right now is help with choosing the right BPM software for your business needs.

Making that decision can be quite overwhelming, given the fact that there are tons of different and equally good software solutions out there. However, just like any other type of software, BPM software is not a one-size-fits-all solution, which is precisely why you need to be thorough in your search and find the one that will best meet your unique business needs.

Of course, there are plenty of sophisticated BPM software solutions that offer the option of customizing the system according to your needs and unique business processes, but that still doesn’t mean that you should pick one blindly and be done with it.

You need to focus on finding the best features that will help you improve your operational efficiency and achieve your goals and objectives. Here are the top features to look out for.

Drag and Drop System Designer

Drag and Drop System Designer

Even though you may be a power user who can quickly and easily master any new piece of software, perhaps not all your employees share the same level of experience. This is why you should go for a simple, easy-to-use, low-code platform that you can easily implement into your everyday work routine.

This is why you should make sure that the business process management software you choose comes with a set of drag and drop tools that will help your team easily manage cases and tasks and customize them in any way necessary for efficient operation. A simple system designer will help your team easily adopt the software and use it to its maximum potential.

Effective Administration of Access Control

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Access control administration is a very important feature to look out for because you want to make sure that your sensitive data cannot be accessed by anyone. Search for a BPM software solution that allows you to easily grant or deny access rights for certain files, documents and various other records (or groups of records).

Find the software that enables you to effectively use Active Directory credentials, so that you and other users don’t have to remember all the usernames and passwords in order to log into the system. Also, find the platform that takes the load off of your system administrator’s shoulders by eliminating the need for them to manually enter all the names when adding new user profiles.

Mobile Support

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If a BPM software you are considering doesn’t provide mobile support, you should definitely continue your search. A mobile-friendly system will significantly increase your operational efficiency and prevent business disruption since you and your team will be able to access any information you need 24/7, no matter where you are and what devices you are using.

If you can find BPM software that comes with a mobile app – even better. If you do choose such a system and its mobile app has a comprehensive app wizard for customizing the system and managing your tasks without having to sit at a desk, then you’ll definitely hit the jackpot.

Strong Data Protection and Multilevel Security

Apart from access control administration features for keeping your sensitive data safe from unauthorized access, you need to make sure that the software comes with a high level of security (preferably multilevel security) for protecting your data from external unauthorized access.

Check this with your software vendor and ask further about their system maintenance and software patches for improving your system’s usability and protecting it from security vulnerabilities.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Systems

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If you cannot integrate your chosen BPM software with other systems that you already use, or plan on using, then your investment in it will only go down the drain. Such a system will lead to a serious decrease in efficiency and it may even lead to plenty of costly errors due to constant back and forth movements from one system to another.

You would need to manually transfer the necessary files and the system automation will not really lead to any positive outcomes. This is why seamless integration with various third-party systems is absolutely crucial not just for BPM software, but also for any other piece of software.

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Real-Time Reports and Analytics

Business process management software that doesn’t provide accurate reports and analytics is a huge failure, but make sure you find one that provides you with real-time analytics. That way, you can keep track of every process and instantly identify and resolve any inefficiencies.

The most important thing here is that your software allows you to generate customizable reports, instead of giving you only its ready-to-use reports and metrics. By choosing your own metrics to follow and generating customizable your reports, you will make much smarter business decisions that are backed by data.

Real-Time Process and Performance Monitoring

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Being able to monitor all your processes in real time will help you immediately spot any potential issue and take proper actions for solving it. A BPM software solution with powerful real-time process and performance monitoring will automatically catch a problem and point you in the right direction for fixing it

Furthermore, you should search for the software that enables real-time monitoring of your employees, so that you can get a clear insight into their strengths and weaknesses and address them accordingly. That way, you can provide additional training when needed and help your team improve its performance.


Last but not least, your BPM software should be able to scale up easily. You need to make sure that the system will not start lagging or causing other performance problems when your user base starts growing. It may work perfectly in the beginning, when you have several or even a hundred users, but what if there are more? How well would the system perform then?

Do your homework well in advance and check the system scalability of every single software vendor you may consider. Also, you might want to check whether or not a particular vendor would allow you to scale down after a while, because you simply never know what future may hold, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Considering all these features will help you find the best BPM software for your needs, so keep them in mind, conduct thorough research and explore all the options before you purchase a particular solution.

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